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Joel Pogar Cisco Systems Denver
Joel Pogar, Cisco Enterprise Networking Leader

Joel A. Pogar

Joel resides in Denver, CO and is the Enterprise Networking Leader for the central region of Cisco Systems.  He has a proven track record of successfully launching new product lines and has earned a reputation as “the guy that gets it done” in challenging environments.

Currently, Joel leads a team of sales specialists covering 14 states, with 148 global accounts and generating $1B of annual revenue in hardware, recurring software and services.  His current team is focused on delivering next generation technologies for smart workspaces and the hybrid enterprise.

In his previous role, Joel was a leader in Cisco’s Global Service Provider segment for the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  His worldwide team helped develop and implement the go-to-market strategy for Cisco’s Catalyst switching, Wi-Fi and DNA software platforms that enable many of the cloud, Internet and mobile services consumers enjoy today.  Joel has been with Cisco since March of 2011.

Prior to joining Cisco, Joel held senior leadership positions at several other technology companies including Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Nortel and Bay Networks.  He also has an extensive consulting background providing expertise to major brands in the oil and gas, healthcare, aviation and government sectors.  Joel is an active volunteer with several non-profits serving on their Board of Directors or acting as a virtual CTO.  His formal education includes two undergraduate degrees and an MBA he completed with Colorado State University in 2015.  He has numerous, emeritus certifications including the CCIE (#2801) and CISSP.

Joel is an accomplished and entertaining speaker having presented at several industry events since 2001.  He has appeared on television, radio and authored several articles for professional journals.  Joel has guest lectured at business schools across the country and served as an adjunct faculty member for a local college.  As a teacher, his courses are highly sought after and often have a waitlist.  These higher education opportunities led to his participation in structured mentoring programs where he helps students start, manage and grow their own businesses.  He continues to speak at events, teach and coach students on a part-time basis as his schedule permits.

As A Football Official

In addition to his professional career, Joel is an avid sports fan participating in football and baseball through much of his life.  His playing days ended in 2004 after a sports related injury.  With a desire to stay active, he became a football official in 2011.  Joel advanced rapidly through the program being promoted to a Referee and crew chief for the Denver Football Officials Association in 2016.

Joel has been privileged to work high school, college, semi-pro and arena football as an official.  He has had numerous post-season assignments working the 2017 CFC Colorado Championship as a Side Judge and the 2020, 3A high school championship as a Referee.  Joel was also elected to serve as an Area Director for Colorado officiating from 2018-2021.  He remains an active Referee and Back Judge today.

Joel Pogar Championship Referee
Joel Pogar, Referee 2020 3A State Championship

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